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Certification lifecycle

The component certification lifecycle from submission to production ready


Dapr uses a modular design where functionality is delivered as a component. Each component has an interface definition. All of the components are pluggable so that in ideal scenarios, you can swap out one component with the same interface for another. Each component that is used in production, needs to maintain a certain set of technical requirements that ensure the functional compatibility and robustness of the component.

In general a component needs to be:

  • compliant with the defined Dapr interfaces
  • functionally correct and robust
  • well documented and maintained

To make sure a component conforms to the standards set by Dapr, there are a set of tests run against a component in a Dapr maintainers managed environment. Once the tests pass consistently, the maturity level can be determined for a component.

Certification levels

The levels are as follows:


  • The component implements the required interface and works as described in the specification
  • The component has documentation
  • The component might be buggy or might expose bugs on integration
  • The component may not pass all conformance tests
  • The component may not have conformance tests
  • Recommended for only non-business-critical uses because of potential for incompatible changes in subsequent releases

All components start at the Alpha stage.


  • The component must pass all the component conformance tests defined to satisfy the component specification
  • The component conformance tests have been run in a Dapr maintainers managed environment
  • The component contains a record of the conformance test result reviewed and approved by Dapr maintainers with specific components-contrib version
  • Recommended for only non-business-critical uses because of potential for incompatible changes in subsequent releases

General Availability (GA)

  • Has at least two different users using the component in production
  • A GA component has a maintainer in the Dapr community or the Dapr maintainers
  • The component is well documented, tested and maintained across multiple versions of components-contrib repo

Conformance tests

Each component in the components-contrib repository needs to adhere to a set of interfaces defined by Dapr. Conformance tests are tests that are run on these component definitions with their associated backing services such that the component is tested to be conformant with the Dapr interface specifications and behavior.

The conformance tests are defined for the following building blocks:

  • State store
  • Secret store
  • Bindings
  • Pub/Sub

To understand more about them see the readme here.

Test requirements

  • The tests should validate the functional behavior and robustness of component based on the component specification
  • All the details needed to reproduce the tests are added as part of the component conformance test documentation

Component certification process

For a component to be certified tests are run in an environment maintained by the Dapr team.

New component certification: Alpha->Beta or Beta->GA

For a new component requiring a certification change from Alpha to Beta or Beta to GA, a request for component certification follows these steps:

  • An issue is created with a request for certification of the component with the current and the new certification levels
  • A user of a component submits a PR for integrating the component to run with the defined conformance test suite
  • The user details the environment setup in the issue created, so that a Dapr maintainer can setup the service in a managed environment
  • After the environment setup is complete, Dapr maintainers review the PR and if approved merges that PR
  • Dapr maintainers review functional correctness with the test being run in an environment maintained by the Dapr team
  • Dapr maintainers update the component status document categorized by Dapr Runtime version. This is done as part of the release process in the next release of Dapr runtime

Existing GA certified component

For an existing GA certified component, conformance test should be run against any changes made to component code or the backing service version or the client version.

In the scenarios where a component version is updated, the component again starts from Alpha stage and then the new component certification is followed for that.

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